Here's Lisa playing a recent fiddle composition, "Janet's Perennial Polka" which she wrote for Janet's birthday.  Janet is a gardener and loves perennials; she is also a dancer and loves polkas.

This video was submitted to a Facebook group, The Fiddle Tune Video Library.

Here's the video.


July 2020




                 Poster for our Former Bistro Gig at Cassatt's

July 15, 2018: Cassatt's Cafe, longtime venue for folk duo Kitchen Gorilla, has closed.  From the announcement:

"Kitchen Gorilla has been playing music at Cassatt's for 14 years and we have enjoyed meeting our followers and performing for you all that time.  We are continuing to play and learn new pieces and are on the lookout for new opportunities to perform.  We hope to have a chance to play for you again soon."





   Kitchen Gorilla Performing at the Caton Merchant House in Manassas                            
                                       September 8, 2018













Playing for Robin and Drew's Wedding in 2016         



Hear Kitchen Gorilla

perform at Lisa's Senior Recital at George Mason University:

Four Fiddle Pieces  














      The Kitchen at Skymeadows State Park (Our usual venue)



Skymeadows State Park, October 21, 2018  (Our cold weather venue)

 Listen to a Clip of June Apple, one of our favorite old-time tunes.












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