Premier Performances

Air Space  


Two violins

Lisa Suydam Robinson and Joanna Cochenet.


A Warm Evening, with Night Descending


Willie Greer, student, Lisa Robinson Piano Studio.


Thinking of Water

Voice and Piano.

Published September 2020 by the Christman Opera Company, New York City. 

Lauren McAllister, mezzo-soprano, Kathryn Woodard, pianist.

Based on the poem "In the Bulrush" by Rita Dove.


Old Growth, New Growth

Piano sonata, Three Movements

Linh Trinh An, Doctoral candidate, George Mason University


Thinking of Water

Vocal and four hands piano 


Elapsing Time

Percussion Duet 


Time is a Queer Slippery Fish

Solo Percussion



 Piano Sonata, Three Movements

Estrella Hong, Doctoral candidate, George Mason University


A Brief Journey

Two Violins and Clarinet

Senior Recital


Crooked Dance Suite

 Violin, Viola, Piano, Percussion, and Voice


Crooked Dance Suite V

 Violin, Viola, Piano, Percussion, and Voice; 5th Movement only (vocal)



 Flute and Bassoon





Piano Sonata, Three Movements

  A Brief Journey

 Two Violins and Clarinet